Optimize Your Beauty

Yon-Ka ESSENTIALS is a complete cleansing range, which constitutes the necessary first step towards your skin's good balance. True "skin conditioners", they gently purify and optimize the effectiveness of your everyday beauty care regimen. 

Whether we are talking about aromatherapy or phytotherapy related to skin care, for years Yon-Ka has always given priority to visible results with total safety, both for the skin care professional and the consumer. Each product is

pre-dosed and blended with saviness, leaving no hazardous risks when it comes to the use of the Essential Oils which require extremely precise dosage and knowledge.

Efficiency and Performance

From the R&D department to the Production, at each step of the process, each department is supported and driven by our own in-house team of experts – pharmacists, chemist engineers, biologist, bacteriologists…

The core of our Research is grounded on the constant search and discovery of new innovative active ingredients with the objective to help delay and reduce the signs of aging, protect the skin against environmental pollution's…

Each product reflects the proven efficiency, developed and tested by our teams and which results are confirmed by independent Medical Researchers working for Chartered Laboratories.

Guinot   Institut paris


Founded in France over forty years ago by well-known chemist René Guinot, the collection of skincare products known throughout the world as "Guinot Paris" began as a focused approach to treating the skin with the now-legendary Hydradermie treatment.

From this starting concept, Guinot moved on to develop treatment-compatible products that could be used by clients at home. Today, Guinot Paris skincare and the Guinot professional treatments are available in over 1,000 spas and salons throughout the US and thousands more around the world.

A complete line, Guinot Paris provides a wide range of beauty care, covering three specific categories: face, body and sun. In each category, the company’s philosophy of professional expertise as a guide to product use is an important part of the skincare message.

Fundamental to this is the Guinot creed which points out that every person's skin is different and is exposed to different environmental and stressful conditions at different times. It is the synergy of professional services and skincare products that results in beautiful skin, for which Guinot Paris is renowned.

Keeping its roots in the spas where its professional treatments began, Guinot Paris has increasingly expanded its retail operation and today is recognized as the leading skincare collection, available exclusively at prestigious spas worldwide.

       Ethical Beauty Care

  • The products are not tested on animals.

  • To improve skin compatibility, formulas are preserved without parabens and the active ingredients used are from non-GMO plants.

  • The active treatment ingredients incorporated in the formulas are chosen in order to respect the environment, notably by sourcing them from renewable plants. Guinot is conscious of the environment's fragility and is concerned about protecting it.

Yonka   Paris